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9:00 AM Check In

9:00 AM Lab Order In System

9:30 AM Lab Test Complete

100% Patients Tested
Real-time Results
No Phone Tag

9:30 AM Patient Appointment

Doctors make more informed


Genalyte is a healthcare diagnostics and analytics company that improves patient outcomes and lowers cost by offering onsite, real-time laboratory results for physicians and patients.


Automated Lab Solution


  • Comprehensive test menu
  • Automated onsite testing
  • Venous whole blood
  • EMR integrated
  • Central lab quality oversight
  • Test results in < 30 minutes


Immunoassay Analyzer


  • Multiplex specialty panels
  • Benchtop for onsite testing
  • Fingerstick whole blood
  • EMR integrated
  • Central lab quality oversight
  • Test results in < 30 minutes


BaseHealth Predictive Models


  • AI Model
  • Evidence Based Model
  • Machine Learning
  • 40+ Health Conditions
  • Predictive RAF
  • Interventional Analytics


Results in < 30 minutes

Informed decision-making

Improved quality outcomes

Increased Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) revenue

Our Customers

I can’t give the best possible care without complete information—I need the lab results. Now that I’m using Genalyte, patients come in 15 minutes early for a blood draw and lab results are available for the patient’s appointment. No more wasted office visits and time without essential labs

Dr. Dana R.

The results were so fast, it was truly amazing. Knowing my  numbers saved time for me and my doctor. And I didn’t have  to take another day off work or worry waiting for results.  This is revolutionary and about time!

Rochelle, Patient

We had no idea how much time we used to waste chasing down lab results until we opened our second office this year. We were able to move two administrative staff from our original office over to the new one. We basically got a second office without making a single new hire! All because of Genalyte’s lab service.

Amy, Office Manager

My liver enzymes were elevated and I wouldn’t have known  that usually for a couple weeks. Instead, we immediately knew and the doctor took me off medicine that most likely was the culprit. If I hadn’t been tested today, it could have gotten worse while we waited for blood results.

Bill, Patient

Clearances and Accreditations

Maverick Diagnostic System (RNP)

SARS-CoV-2 Multi-Antigen Serology Panel

ISO 13485

CAP Accredited

CLIA Certified

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