Blood Donors with Specific Results Needed!

Volunteers Receive $100 Amazon eGift Card

Are you located in the San Diego, CA area?

Genalyte is working on a study for the Merlin blood diagnostics device and is in need of blood draw volunteers 21 years or older with one or more of the following recent lab results:

    • Cholesterol between 261-400
    • Triglycerides 400-500
    • Triglycerides 150-200
    • HDL between 20-49
    • HbA1c over 6.5% mg/dL
    • ALT, AST, GGT above normal

Proof of qualifying lab results in the past 3 months must be shown to qualify. Qualified participants will receive a $100 Amazon e-gift card and unqualified participants will receive $50. 

If you have questions, please contact Alexah.Boyer@genalyte.com or (530) 524-1651. 

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