Acquisition Blends Rapid Diagnostic Services with Cutting-edge Healthcare Analytics to Better Deliver Real-Time Value to Care Givers and Patients
SAN DIEGOApril 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Genalyte, a next-generation lab service company focused on decentralizing diagnostic testing by placing turnkey diagnostic capabilities with real-time results wherever they are required, announced today it has acquired BaseHealth, a Bay Area healthcare data analytics company, effective March 12, 2020. The combined company will provide onsite, rapid diagnostics with data analytics capabilities to enable the healthcare system to test and treat patients faster and more accurately than the incumbent lab service industry.
Genalyte’s mission is to improve patient outcomes by providing healthcare practitioners the accurate and rapid diagnostic information they need to make health decisions while the patient is sitting in front of them. BaseHealth specializes in advanced data analytics that incorporate all available health information about the patient, including diagnostic tests, in order to maximize the accuracy and utility of the test.
“By combining these capabilities at the point-of-care in real time, we are creating the safest, most accurate and most impactful patient interaction possible. When we do our job right, patients receive better, faster, more cost effective healthcare,” said Cary Gunn, CEO at Genalyte.
“We are excited to bring our unique and proven healthcare data analytics platform to the healthcare ecosystem through Genalyte’s tech-enabled and proprietary laboratory service. We recognize the distinct and important opportunity to deliver real-time insights when care givers are in active consultation with their patients,” said Hossein Fakhrai-Rad, president at BaseHealth.
The combined company will have operations in San Diego and Silicon Valley, California, as well as Austin, Texas.
About Genalyte: Genalyte is decentralizing diagnostic testing by placing turnkey diagnostic lab testing services where they are needed most—at the point of care. Genalyte’s mission is to revolutionize diagnostics by empowering care givers and patients with real-time laboratory results that lead to faster and better patient health outcomes. For more information, please visit:
About BaseHealth: BaseHealth is a healthcare analytics company that empowers health systems and care givers to maximize clinical outcomes through a proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence platform that is built on the most diverse and comprehensive set of data in the industry. As the first predictive health data analytics platform that is evidence-based and data-driven without reliance on retrospective claims and ICD data, BaseHealth takes the guesswork out of risk and population health management and puts science in the driver’s seat.