SUNNYVALE, Calif. (Feb.  27, 2018) – BaseHealth, an industry innovator in predictive analysis of health and disease risk and interventional management, recently announced results from its ongoing partnership with one of the country’s largest health systems, Banner Health.

The partnership implements BaseHealth’s technology-based approach, known as ‘precision insights,’ to enable Banner Health to identify both rising health risks within populations and actionable clinical interventions. These insights allow clinicians and health managers to form customized, proactive care plans for their plan members designed to intervene identified risk factors.

The platform incorporates data on health indicators for more than 42 common chronic and acute diseases, in particular, identifying members transitioning from low to moderate to high risk for chronic and acute conditions, with more information being added on an ongoing basis.

BaseHealth explored categories of risk and cost on 100,000 Banner Health members, as well as implemented their analytic platform on 50,000 of the network’s Medicare Advantage members. In its initial phase of deployment last year, BaseHealth’s analytics platform stratified Banner Health’s population for all 42 foreseeable conditions with the potential to improve both the health outcomes for patients and return on investment for health systems.  

“BaseHealth’s analytics gives us a much better way to target the right patient with the right intervention for their risk. It provides us with a more proactive approach to healthcare by alerting us to the specific factors driving disease risk, so we can plan and implement clinical and health management efforts,” said Michael Parris, Senior Director for Business Intelligence and Analytics at Banner Health. “BaseHealth allows us to target one member at a time with solutions catered to that individual. These actionable insights can change the course of patients’ lives and that’s incredibly exciting.”

BaseHealth was a natural partner for Banner where leaders wanted to take a more forward-thinking, scientific approach to population health and management of rising risk.

“We are thrilled to partner with Banner Health, not only to mitigate risk but to drive real improvements in the health of its patients,” said Dan Hoemke, Chief Business Officer of BaseHealth, adding the majority of the members designated with “intervenable risks” currently rate low to moderate for those risks.

“Our analytics not only identify who is at risk, it also tells us who can possibly avoid predisposed conditions with specific clinical interventions. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, BaseHealth’s precise predictive model is backed by more than five years of extensive research and validated data from over 35,000 peer-reviewed articles, encompassing 150 million-plus pages of scientific research.