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Silicon Valley Cash Is Still Chasing Blood Despite Theranos Bust

Bloomberg- January 6, 2017
Blood is still pumping in Silicon Valley


10 Tech Advances That Can Change Medicine

MedScape- December 16, 2016
Microfluidic Chips for Labs via a Droplet of Blood

Sticking Points

ACS Central Science- December 16, 2016
Raising the quality of fingerprick blood testing will require innovation at every stage of the process.

Genalyteas Diagnostic Tool Shows Potential to Improve Turnaround Time in RA, Other Conditions

Rheumatoid Arthritis News- November 29, 2016
Genalyte recently presented promising data on its new Maverick Detection System, demonstrating its potential to be used in a near patient setting to improve turnaround time for test results and diagnosis for several conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis (RA).


Genalyte Inc. Receives $36 Million in Latest Funding Round

San Diego Business Journal- November 23, 2016
Genalyte Inc. has landed $36 million in funding to accelerate the development of its blood-testing technology.


Genalyte Raises $36M in Funding

GenomeWeb- November 21, 2016
San Diego-based Genalyte will use the funds to further refine its Maverick Detection System, a photonic microring sensor-based platform that the company is developing for rapid blood testing in outpatient settings like doctors’ offices.


Genalyte raises $36 million from Khosla for its one-drop blood test

TechCrunch- November 21, 2016
Genalyte just announced it has raised an equity round of $36 million in funding led by Khosla Ventures and Redmile Group.


A startup that’s developing tests that run on a drop of blood just raised $36 million

Business Insider- November 20, 2016
On Sunday, Genalyte, a company that’s developing tests that run on a drop of blood, raised a $36 million round of funding from Khosla Ventures and Redmile Group.


The Bloomberg Advantage: Genalyteas Rapid Diagnostic Testing

BloombergA – March 7,A 2016
Cary Gunn CEO/Founder Genalyte Inc Discussing providing rapid diagnostic testing right in the doctoras office from a single drop of blood.


The technology behind Theranos could still disrupt the entire lab business

Tech InsiderA -A FebruaryA 10,A 2016
Theranos is under a lot of heat these days. But even if the controversial biotech startupA fails, it was right about one major thing: the blood testing experience is ripe for disruption.



Genalyte is taking the single fingertip blood test to the next level (yet another Theranos competitor)

Medcity NewsA – January 8,A 2016
The hype about a single fingertip-prick blood test has clearly become mainstream at this point, especially considering Theranosa somewhat unfortunate publicity. But some companies, Genalyte for example, are taking a similar approach a more closely in comparison than some others.


Redefining diagnostics: An industry view

The HillA -A November 10,A 2015
As the CEO of an emerging diagnostics company, I speak with patients and doctors on a regular basis, and am struck by how poorly the industry is serving their needs. The current patient experience is miserable.


Genalyte CEO on scrutiny of Theranosa blood testing centers

FoxA BusinessA – OctoberA 26,A 2015


Genalyte CEO on need for transparency in medical testing

FoxA BusinessA – OctoberA 26,A 2015


Genalyte to Use $44M Funding Round to Pursue FDA Clearance for Multiplexed Immunoassay Device

Genome WebA – August 21,A 2015
Having recently closed a $44 million Series C financing round, biotech firm Genalyte aims to use the funds to develop its Maverick biosensor system for rapid, routine testing in doctors’ office.


Genalyte raises $44 million

The San Diego Union-TribuneA – August 18,A 2015
Genalyte, a San Diego biomedical company, said Tuesday it has raised $44 million from venture capital firms. The money will help Genalyte commercialize its diagnostics system, which produces test results in minutes from one drop of blood…


Genalyte Raises $44M in Series C Financing

Genome WebA – August 18,A 2015
San Diego-based diagnostics firm Genalyte today announced it has completed a $44M Series C financing round.A Khosla Ventures joined previous investors Redmile Group, Claremont Creek Ventures, and BioMed Ventures in the round…


Khosla backs Genalyte in $44M round to move blood-based diagnostics into the doctor’s office

Fierce Medical Devices – August 18,A 2015
Move over Theranos, here comes Genalyte. The former has made a big splash in the last year as it works to make diagnostics that are cheaper, require only a drop of blood and directly available to consumers…


Genalyte, Collaborators Gear Up for Phase Two of Tumor-associated Antigen Panel Development

Genome Web – February 3,A 2015
Since the grant was awarded and the project began in fall of 2013,A GenalyteA has developed an initial panel of 39 of the most promising TAAsA …

Genalyte Developing Differential Ebola Test for Maverick Chip-based System

Genome Web – January 20,A 2015
Now, though,A GenalyteA has developed a test that it says can tell whether a patient has Ebola or one of a number of other similar diseases…

Company unveils 10-minute Ebola test

CNNA – December 2,A 2014
Genalyte has developed a rapid response blood test which can detect the deadly virus in 10 minutes…

US firm working on a 20-minute Ebola test

BBC World Services – November 7, 2014

Time is of the essence when it comes to fighting the Ebola virus…

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Race Is On to Detect Ebola More Quickly

The Wall Street Journal – November 5, 2014

Researchers Seek Crucial Tool: A Fast, Finger-Prick Ebola Test

The New York Times – November 5, 2015

Local Company Develops New 10 Minute Diagnostic Ebola Test

San Diego 6 – October 29, 2014

Pine Belt Native Revolutionizing Ebola Testing

WHLT – October 28, 2014

San Diego company develops 10-minute EbolaA test

Fox 5 San Diego – October 27, 2014

New Ebola test could make diagnosing disease easier

Yahoo Finance – October 27, 2014

10-minute Ebola diagnostic test announced by startup company

Fox News – October 27, 2014

Local research: Ebola test results in 10 minutes

CBS 8 – October 24, 2014

10-minute Ebola test announced

UT San Diego – October 22, 2014

Company touts 10-minute Ebola test

The Hill – October 21, 2014

Tests for Ebola Hampered by Lukewarm Funding, Scientists Say

CQ Healthbeat News – October 21, 2014

Genalyte Expands Into Cancer Profiling With $1 Million NCI

PR News Wire – October 18, 2013

Genalyte Launches Type 1 Diabetes Antigen Panel, BDC

Genetic Engineering and Biotech News – August 15, 2013

Biomarker panel is companyas first step toward a tool for early detection of type 1 diabetes

MedCity News – August 15, 2013

Genalyte, Inc. Completes $12 Million Series B Financing to Commercialize Its Maverickac Next-Generation Multiplexing Platform

PR News Wire – March 30, 2102

Genalyte Inc. raises $12 million in second venture round

Biz Journal – March 30, 2012

Imec reveals chip-based hyperspectral imager, biosensor partnership, and spinoff funding

Laser Focus World – January 31, 2012

Imec, Genalyte report disposable silicon photonics biosensor chips

Phys – January 25, 2012