For Patients

No waiting. No wondering.

Empowering You The Patient

The Problem with Today’s System

Today’s healthcare infrastructure fails to give your doctor the laboratory results they need quickly enough to enable treatment decisions to be made at the most effective time – while you are in their office.

As it’s currently structured, often you will leave the doctor’s office and go somewhere else for a blood draw. This requires a trip to the blood-draw center which lengthens the medical decision making process. Imagine how much time you would save and how much better informed your doctor would be if the results were generated during your appointment.

The Genalyte Solution

Genalyte takes a single drop of blood from a finger stick and provides high quality results from multiple tests in just a few minutes.

How you benefit:

  • You receive your blood test results in minutes, while you are still in the doctor’s office.  No waiting.  No wondering.
  • Your doctor can see you, listen to you, and evaluate your results simultaneously.
  • You make decisions with your doctor.

Our technology has been proven in the scientific research community and is used in drug development and testing by top pharmaceutical companies. By providing the same technology to healthcare providers, Genalyte will help improve patient care by bringing you, your doctor, and your lab results together at the time it matters most – now.

The instrument has been designed for the proposed uses, and is being evaluated, but is currently available for research use applications only.
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