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Lab results within minutes.

Empowering You The Doctor

The Problem with Today’s System

Today’s healthcare infrastructure fails to provide needed laboratory results when they can be used most effectively – while the patient is still in your office. Current processes result in a delay between ordering a medically necessary test and receiving actionable results.  This delay, sometimes measured in days, nearly always requires your patient to leave your office and await follow up instructions from your office.

Imagine what would happen if tests could be ordered and results received during the same patient visit.

The Genalyte Solution

Using a single drop of blood, Genalyte provides results from multiple tests in just a few minutes without the patient ever leaving your office.

Our technology has been proven in the scientific research community and is used in drug development and testing by top pharmaceutical companies. By providing the same technology to healthcare providers, Genalyte  improves patient care by bringing the doctor, the patient, and the results together in the same place at the same time.

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