Clinical Lab Scientist

Job Description

TITLE: Clinical Lab Scientist
DEPARTMENT: Clinical Lab
REPORTS TO: Clinical Lab Manager

About Genalyte

Genalyte has been guided since 2007, by the vision of taking a single drop of blood, performing panels of tests results within a few minutes. By reducing tests to a microscopic size we are able to generate more information from a smaller sample in less time than conventional techniques.

As we look to the future, Genalyteas technology will transform diagnosticsamoving lab testing from the research lab into the physicianas office.A We are well funded with outstanding growth potential. We are looking for individuals inspired by our technology and science, who are eager to be at the ground level of this collaborative and entrepreneurial company.

Headquartered in San Diego, we seek individuals interested in creating a receptive, fast-paced and dynamic work setting.A We offer a competitive salary and benefits package to attract, motivate, and retain the highest caliber of employee.

About the Role

We are seeking several licensed Clinical Lab Scientists to be outward-facing representatives of Genalyte. As we work to quickly and accurately bring data and results into the doctoras office, these roles will be responsible for running a mobile clinical lab at a clinicianas office. Unlike most CLS positions, our role will be field based, individually revolutionizing the current diagnostic model. Duties include:
ac Independently performing clinical laboratory procedures and tests.
ac Developing and maintaining positive business and customer relationships with offices.
ac Following and ensuring quality control procedures to assure the accuracy of test results.
ac Operating and troubleshooting clinical laboratory instruments and equipment for the collection, processing, description, and analysis of specimens.

Not sure you want to be mobile? We also have HQ positions for second shift that align more closely with traditional CLS positions.

About You

The mobile Clinical Lab Scientist is a specialized role and requires that you are licensed generalist by the State of California as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS). Beyond licensing, this role will also require you to be a proficient technical expert with 1-3 years of generalist CLS experience. The most successful candidates will be those who are strong communicators and can represent the company successfully out in the field. Skills related to independent management of the mobile site, the ability to handle and resolve challenges effectively and a high level of professionalism will all be critical.


Apply for This Opportunity

Apply for this opportunity If you can accomplish the above and are interested in changing the paradigm of diagnostics, please send a resume via email to with the subject line: Req Number 1028: Clinical Lab Scientist

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