About Us

Our Story

Since 2007, Genalyte has been guided by the vision of taking a single drop of blood, performing panelsA of tests and returning accurate and reproducible results within a few minutes. A We launched our first instrument in 2012 in the pharmaceutical industry and academia for a range of healthcare applications including autoimmune disease monitoring, screening of cancer biomarkers, testing for infectious agents and detecting anti-drug antibodies. By reducing tests to a microscopic size in a highly multiplex environment on the surface of silicon chips we are able to generate more information from a smaller sample in less time than conventional techniques.

As we look to the future, Genalyteas technology willA transform diagnosticsamoving lab testingA from the research lab into the physicianas office.A A Healthcare providersA will haveA lab resultsA in-handA whileA theA patient is still in the office.A The current standard of several-days wait for results and treatmentA caused by having to send samples out to far-flung labs will become a remnant of the past; physicians and patients will be able to discuss test results within a few minutes, allowing the treatment process to begin immediately.A Not only will this improve delivery and quality of care, it will revolutionize the doctor-patient relationship by eliminating the need for off-site lab testing.

Our Mission

In an age when information can be transmitted at the speed of light, physicians and patients should be able to expect reliable bloodwork results within minutes of a test being completed. Leaving a A patient in limbo waiting days for results while test samples are shipped across the country is an unacceptable standard in the 21st century. Rapid test results that allow physicians to confidently make data-driven treatment decisions during a patients office visit should become the new standard of care.

Genalyte is making this new standard a reality, merging silicon biosensor technology and established biological techniques to empower doctors and patients alike. By moving data – not blood — we will help the physicians improve patient lives by providing test results when they matter: now.

The Technology

Genalyteas platform quantifies the binding of biomolecules (antibodies, proteins, etc.) to silicon photonic biosensors. These biosensors function by detecting the changes in interaction between light circulating inside the sensor and matter deposited on the sensor surface.A Many microscopic biosensors can be lithographically printed on a single disposable silicon chip making multi-analyte panels of tests possible.A Leveraging existing state of the art silicon chip fabrication infrastructure brings attractive economies of scale for commercial production.

The Leadership

Our leadership team is drawn from the life sciences, diagnostics, and silicon chip fabrication industries. Decades of combined experience and diverse backgrounds make them uniquely qualified to bring the Genalyte technology to market and address the current and growing needs for rapid laboratory testing.

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